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Zen Fusion

A Confluence of Painting, Music and Ikebana Meditation

Zen Fusion
Zen Fusion

Time & Location

Apr 03, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

New York, 4 W 43rd St #416, New York, NY 10036, USA

About the event


Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of "Zen Fusion," an unparalleled event set in the vibrant cultural heart of New York City. This unique gathering is a celebration of the ancient and the contemporary, where the worlds of art, nature, and sound converge in a serene symphony. Featuring the exceptional talents of Ning Ning, Lynn Bai, and Tingyi Maria Huang, "Zen Fusion" offers a journey through the realms of painting, Ikebana (the art of flower arranging), and the enchanting sounds of original music inspired by art.

Event Details:

Ning Ning, a celebrated contemporary artist and curator, will present "The Untitled Series," her profound exploration of time, space, and the philosophical depths of Yin-Yang and emptiness through painting. Her work invites the audience into a contemplative space, where the interplay of ink, pigments, and rice paper unfolds in a dance of harmony and mindfulness. The square patterns that pervade her pieces are not merely artistic expressions but symbols of her narrative journey, intertwining the acts of writing and painting into a Zen practice.

Lynn Bai, drawing from her deep-rooted heritage and the traditional art of Ikebana, unveils her "Ikebana" series. This tribute to the meditative art of flower arrangement serves as a poignant reminder of her connection to her mother and the tranquility found in nature. Lynn’s arrangements, a beautiful blend of Japanese Ikebana and Western floral designs, represent her life’s journey and the peaceful embrace of the natural world, inviting participants to experience mindfulness and stillness.

T. Maria Huang, the innovative curator of Rhythmmm, transforms the event space into an oasis of sound and architecture. She introduces an original musical experience inspired by the artistic works, featuring Panda Drum. This special musical segment invites guests to share a pure and relaxing musical experience, drawing from the deep well of Zen practices and Maria's interdisciplinary research into the relationship between art and sound. The soothing tones of the Panda Drum, combined with the visually stimulating surroundings, promise a profound connection to the essence of rhythm and harmony.

"Zen Fusion" is a sanctuary for the senses, inviting you to explore, reflect, and discover harmony within. Whether captivated by Ning Ning's intricate paintings, moved by Lynn Bai's elegant floral arrangements, or enveloped in the serene melodies of Maria Huang's Panda Drum performance, this evening promises a deep dive into the heart of Zen. Join us for a night of artistic immersion, cultural enrichment, and spiritual awakening.

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