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Within our artistic realm, the bow assumes the author, captivating the violin itself as its audience, harmonizing in rhythmic unity.


The diverse rhythms of various art forms resonate deep within, driving our passion for creation. Our mission is to convey the profound emotions evoked by these forms, fostering kindness, humility, and peace.

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The song feels the infinite in the air,

The picture on the Earth,

The poem in the air and the earth;

for its words have meaning that walks and music that soars.

Exhibition Concept

The exhibitions will artfully unite music, color, and poetry, bolstered by interdisciplinary research. The melody composition will be inspired by the colors within the paintings, taking cues from the Circle of Fifths theory. Similarly, the poetry will be crafted to capture the emotions stirred by the vibrant artwork.

The circle of fifths.jpeg


We protect your interests and dreams, we create an atmosphere of rhythm.


 We think of the sea as a space, but above all, it is time, circular time. The trough of the wave will also become its summit, sometime later, in a moment. And the summit will become a trough. The same point will be the lowest and the highest. Every high will become a low-humility-and every low will become a high-hope. It's both metaphor and reality. 

The whole sea endlessly expresses the idea that forms are false. Nature in this fluid state rejects all our ideas." It is we who invent ideas, and then try to tack them onto the formless world. The sea doesn't think, it's happy just to be everything changes there, and nothing lasts. But it respects a rhythm. 

----Ollivier Pourriol


From the sound of music


the rhythm of art, architecture, and education.


Edward Hopper

Architecture is frozen music

Just like a piece of music, a building is carefully composed, with all its parts working together to create a harmonious whole. Architecture has rhythm, balance, and symmetry, much like a beautiful piece of music. It can invoke feelings, emotions, and responses in the same way that music does.


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Taihe Art Gallery

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