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Ikebana Artist



Lynn was introduced to Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, at the tender age of six by her mother, who had a passion for art and practiced Ikebana herself. Born and raised in Osaka and Kyoto Japan, to parents of Chinese descent, Lynn fondly recalls her childhood memories of joyfully assisting her mother in arranging flowers, cherishing the moments they shared together in visiting numerous Ikebana exhibitions in traditional shrines and temples. She started practice on her own during high school in Kyoto, joined the school’s ikebana club. Upon moving to New York over a decade ago, she became captivated by Western floral art as well. Her style is a unique blend of the traditional Japanese ikebana and Western floral arrangements. Following her mother's passing, she felt a strong desire to revive the cherished ritual of Ikebana and resumed practicing Sogetsu Ikebana in Tokyo and New York. To her, Ikebana is more than just arranging flowers; it’s a profound form of meditation, allowing her to immerse herself in the present moment and connect with nature.

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