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In this collection, the artist presents light in a duality of forms - abstract yet tangible, material yet spiritual. Here, light is not just an element; it is a manifestation of life itself, endowed with a spiritual force. The artist skillfully employs light to define and divide space, blending natural and geometric forms in a dance that bridges the material with the spiritual world. This interplay invites viewers to ponder the expanded boundaries of thought, where rationality and sensibility are not confined but liberated.



The artistic, literary, and academic creations of Cris's professional work seek to understand, explore, and express wonder at the various spheres of human existence and its relationship with nature and the universe.

Color, words, and shapes merge to invite the viewer to investigate the themes that run through the life of the societies and cultures.


Art manifests ideas, concepts and makes visible deep realities: Migrations, peace, climate change, society, biodiversity, war, and interculturality. 


'Rhythm of spirit' captures the ever-changing aspects of human existence in nature. Through observation, it emphasizes rhythm, movement, and unconventional forms. The compositions intertwine objects to create harmony and convey a vibrant, dynamic nature. This contemporary approach transcends traditional aesthetics, connecting micro and macro elements with unique conceptual understanding. It presents a flowing and tension-filled essence of life, symbolizing a dream in motion.


 'Rhythm of Light' illuminates an intricate dance between the abstract and tangible, the physical and spiritual. This collection of works exemplifies art's unique capacity to free one from an obsession with the apparent world, eventually catalyzing an awakening that unveils true introspection as the singular route to transcendence.

In the stillness of solitude, these works uphold the purity of inner desires with a steadfast rhythm. They reveal not just an artistic creation, but a sanctuary of tranquility, and they kindle a hopeful illumination for the future. Hence, 'Rhythm of Light' serves as an enlightening exploration beyond the tactile world – a symphony of understanding, hope, and transcendence.


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