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This exhibition unveils a captivating exploration of light, presented through a mesmerizing duality of forms - both abstract and tangible, material yet imbued with a spiritual essence. Light emerges not merely as an element but as a vibrant manifestation of life itself, endowed with a profound spiritual force. Through masterful manipulation, the artist uses light to sculpt and navigate space, weaving together natural and geometric shapes in a harmonious dance that connects the material to the ethereal.


This collection transcends the boundaries of traditional art, offering not just a representation of ideas but a direct expression of the artist's intent. It invites the audience to step beyond the surface allure, guiding them towards a moment of deep awakening. The exhibition posits that true transcendence is accessed through introspective reflection, urging visitors to embark on a journey deep within, seeking liberation from the confines of the visible world.

Join us for an immersive experience that challenges the limits of thought, where rationality and sensibility are unleashed, and discover a path to enlightenment through the power of artistic expression.

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The exhibition will artfully unite music, color, and poetry, bolstered by interdisciplinary research.

The melody composition will be inspired by the colors within the paintings, taking cues from the Circle of Fifths theory.

Similarly, the poetry will be crafted to capture the emotions stirred by the vibrant artwork. 


• By Tingyi •

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VR Gallery

Enjoy  Contemporary Art in Virtual Reality

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 The Rhythm of Ballet and Contemporary Art

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Ballet & Light.001.jpeg


Watercolor - Ballet - Poetry

Saphira & Venture Gallery in New York

04 MAY 2024 / 6 PM

Opening Reception
Saturday   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

4 W 43rd StNew York, NY 10036


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