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    Masks and cracks,
    they hide the beast of human appearance.
    Voracious and scavengers,
    they fight for crumbs of a banquet already served.
    Lost looks,
    they portend misfortunes.
    In the city and in the fields,
    and also in the small villages on the outskirts.
    Hypocrisies and half-truths,
    reveal the emptiness and meaninglessness of existence.
    Nobody said it would be easy to look at life in the face,
    with its absurdities and twists and turns.
    Tragedies and comedies, dramas and vanities.
    Causes and consequences of lives forgotten in the passing of time.
    Faced with the immensity of an immeasurable universe,
    we humans learn to live like civilized beasts
    behind sumptuous masks.
    To face, without twisting views, looking in the eyes
    and walking straight,
    sometimes stumbling, other times running,
    we go through existence exchanging glances
    that get lost in worlds of people.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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