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  • CALM

    The sea awaits, always immense,
    immeasurable, magnanimous.
    The waves like the days come and go.
    The tides, like life,
    at times they rise, at times they fall.
    The soul knows it, someday we will return to the ocean of the universe.
    Small cosmic particles, drops of a sweet river destined for salt.
    Heraclitus saw it clearly,
    rivers are a metaphor for existence.
    We run hither, thither, yon for years,
    longing for retreat on a soothing blue shore.
    The view is lost in the horizon,
    is, was and will be: 《love at first sight》.
    Do you remember the first time you saw it?
    Eyes full of surprise, tears of happiness perhaps.
    Unmistakable mixture:
    Fear. Freedom.
    Human smallness, divine greatness.
    Love at first sight, flooding blue.
    Captivates, enchants pilgrims.
    Love reciprocated, where we can lose ourselves.
    Crystalline sparkles and reflections, sparkles...
    ...the eyes of the beloved where we find the whole universe.
    To the sea I went when I wanted to fly.
    To the sea I go when I need calm.
    To the sea I will go...
    ... When life gave way to the storm:
    Inevitable, merciless,
    Will take away all that we cling to.
    Defenceless in the face of the cruel and reckless storm of nature's tsunami:
    To the sea I'll go!
    Acrylic on Canvas
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