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    Today have been born, are being born or will be born:
    "Approximately 385,000 children around the world".
    In a sick society,
    a new being seems to bring hope.
    In a land debating peace and war,
    children are the answer.
    One day, some time ago,
    without being able to choose where, with whom, or how:
    We were born! They were born! They will be born!
    In other latitudes, in another season,
    a planet with 8 billion people:
    Wait! It waited! It will wait!
    A saviour, a messiah!
    Mothers dream, fathers plead.
    Amidst the ruins of a civilisation that is dying out,
    creator of artificial intelligence
    and exploring distant planets,
    the weight of the future rests on tender hands and immature heads.
    Today have been born, are being born or will be born:
    "385,000 children who may be saviours of the world from the adults
    they will become".
    Neither the lack of scarce resources foreshadowed by the news or
    natural disasters
    or the natural catastrophes publicised by the academies
    can stop the mighty fire of nature
    present in the sunrise.
    Fire! Energy! Love!
    Life-transforming force.
    Mysterious miracle, undescribable.
    Irrational hope for happiness:
    Omen wrapped in each new birth.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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