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Light as a dual force: abstract yet tangible, a material essence with a spiritual core. Light transcends its role as a mere visual element, evolving into a manifestation of life itself, charged with spiritual energy. Through the skillful manipulation of light, the artist crafts a dialogue between natural and geometric forms, orchestrating a dance that connects the material to the spiritual. This interplay challenges the viewer to explore beyond conventional boundaries, where rationality and sensibility are liberated, not confined. This body of work is an exploration beyond the confines of traditional art, embodying not just the representation of ideas but the direct expression of the artist's will. It acts as a portal away from the allure of the superficial, guiding the observer towards a profound awakening. The essence of the concept suggests that transcendence and liberation from the tangible world lie within the journey of introspective reflection, encouraging a deep dive into the soul's depths.


As an artist, I am perpetually engaged in the quest to understand the true value of artistic creation. Each piece I create is an exploration, a step closer to unraveling the mysteries of this question. My approach prioritizes concept over form, liberating my work from the constraints of objective representation visible to the naked eye. This method allows me to delve deeper into the essence of what art truly is, how it evolves in the contemporary world, and how its significance can be redefined within the modern context. Driven by the belief that ideas fuel creativity, I align with Hayek's notion that 'Only ideas can beat ideas.' This philosophy underpins my artistic process, which is twofold: firstly, to transcend the objective imagery that meets the eye, venturing instead into the subjective realm of ideas and consciousness; and secondly, to engage in a continuous quest for transcendence through artistic thought, seeking moments of enlightenment. My work is an invitation to view art not just as a visual experience, but as a conceptual journey that challenges, redefines, and elevates the traditional understanding of painting in our time.


2022 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai · China 2021 Group Exhibition Mind Force Field · Mind Field Painting Exhibition, Wenzhou · China 2021 Art Beijing Solo Exhibition Spiritual Awareness · Revelation, Beijing · China 2019 Dawning of the East Summer Group Exhibition of Neo Orientalism, MEBOSPACE & AC CUBE, Chengdu · China 2019 Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition, Roberto · Italy 2019 Art Amoy, Xiamen · China 2019 JINGART, Beijing · China 2019 New East Group Exhibition of Neo Orientalism, MEBOSPACE, Beijing · China 2019 Art Chengdu, Chengdu · China 2019 New York Art Fair, New York · United States 2018 Sino Italian Culture and Art Invitational Exhibition, Trento · Italy 2018 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai · China 2018 Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen · China 2018 Dawning of the East Group Exhibition, MEBOSPACE, Beijing · China2018 Beyond Mundaneness Zhang Ning Solo Exhibition, Beijing · China 2018 JINGART, Beijing · China 2018 Art Beijing, Beijing · China 2017 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai · China 2017 Embodied Cognition Zhang Ning Solo Exhibition, MEBOSPACE, Beijing · China 2017 Art Tokyo, Tokyo · Japan 2016 This Moment, exhibited in the 5th WA.RT Florence Total Contemporary Art, Florence · Italy
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