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  • DEEP

    In the prime of life,
    during the golden time of the first decisions,
    the heart breaks.
    She takes away what little grace you knew you had as a child,
    he rips away her virginity without contemplation,
    an old man... look at the parade of lost zombie mutants.
    Searching for the magic potion that heals the wounds,
    crows in the mornings the cock at dawn,
    the invertebrate worms cry silently at night.
    A disassembled jigsaw puzzle,
    an unfinished painting,
    a badly written poem.
    Humanity walks,
    all broken,
    in rags.
    It crawls begging for love,
    peace of mind.
    All broken,
    bled out, drowsy.
    We love until we break,
    we break to love each other.
    All broken, we all wander in hope in the infinite space of new attempts.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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