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Artist, Curator, Collector, Media professional



"The Untitled Series" is a profound exploration of her perceptions, emotions, and expressions concerning time, space, the Yin-Yang duality, and emptiness. This series is a manifestation of her practice in no-self and purposelessness. During her painting process, Ning Ning enjoys the harmonious relationship formed between her body, mind, soul, and the artistic mediums she engages with. The square patterns prevalent in her work are not just her painting language but also a significant part of her narrative, symbolizing her journey through writing and painting alike. These patterns hold manifold meanings for her, making the entire process a Zen practice.


Ning Ning, a distinguished contemporary artist, curator, and art collector, has significantly contributed to promoting Chinese contemporary art and cultural exchange worldwide. With a foundation in music and a keen sense for color and form, she has been a key figure in supporting Chinese artists since the early '90s. Her education at the Art Academy of Peking University has enriched her artistic and cultural insights. In 2008, Ning Ning founded NING SPACE in Beijing's 798 Art District, a platform dedicated to showcasing contemporary artists, which has become a renowned art hub globally. Her work, deeply rooted in Zen practices, is known for its intricate use of ink and pigments on rice paper, demonstrating advanced techniques and a profound understanding of art's depth and dimensionality. Beyond her artistic achievements, Ning Ning has also impacted the cultural and media landscape as the founding editor of TARGET magazine, collaborating with numerous international luxury brands. Her "Young Artists Program" at NING SPACE highlights her commitment to nurturing emerging talent. Ning Ning's endeavors bridge cultural gaps, showcasing art's power to connect diverse backgrounds and celebrate the richness of Chinese culture and human spirituality on a global scale.


2021: DYJ CONTEMPORARY, Shanghai, China; DYJ SUMMER EXHIBITION 2021, Chengdu, China 2020: EMBRACE (solo exhibition), Beijing, China; BIAS 2020, Sicily, Italy 2019: INSIDE NATURE (solo exhibition), Japan; MASLOW’S DREAM (Group Exhibition), Austrian Embassy Beijing, China 2018: CHINA-SOUTH KOREA ART EXCHANGE Exhibition, Fengse Gallery, Beijing, China; THE VENICE VENDING MACHINE EDITION 7, TATE LIVERPOOL, UK 2013: CONSIDERING THE SPIRITUAL (Group Exhibition), NING SPACE, 798 Art District, Beijing, China 2012: A REALM OF TRANQUILITY (Group Exhibition), NING SPACE, 798 Art District, Beijing, China


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