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International Analyst, Writer, Poet & Artist



Philosophy, Society & Interculturality The artistic, literary and academic creations of my professional work seek to understand, explore and express wonder at the various spheres of human existence and its relationship with nature and the universe. Color, words and shapes merge to invite the viewer to investigate the themes that run through the life of the planet’s societies and cultures. ART MANIFESTING IDEAS, CONCEPT AND MAKING VISIBLE DEEP REALITIES: MIGRATIONS, CLIMATE CHANGE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, SOCIETY, PEACE, BIODIVERSITY, WAR AND INTERCULTURALITY.


Specialist in Social Research on Migration and Intercultural Social Intervention – Research Mention. Immigration and Intercultural Mediation Specialist. Bachelor of International Relations.


BASEL, SWITZERLAND / Jun 2023 - SDG´s Through Arts Basel DUBAI, UAE / Nov 2023 - SDG´s Through Arts COP28 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA / Dec 2023 - Intercontinental Bienal ZURICH, SWITZERLAND / Jan 2023 - Holmes Places Oberrieden NEW YORK, UNITED STATES / Apr 2024 - Human Planet BS. AS., ARGENTINA / May 2024 - Intercontinental Bienal SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL / Jul 2024 - Intercontinental Bienal



If you had the opportunity to choose, what nationality would you choose? Why do we have a nationality? What is the nation-state? Can I stop being Argentine, Swiss, Senegalese, Chinese, or Australian? Should I resign myself to the capricious and random arbitration of fate that determined my birth and with it imposed on my identity a cultural, social, and artificially constructed element such as nationality? Is there a universal right to simply be a citizen of the world?

I invite you to go around the world, to travel together through the five continents and learn little stories of life, struggle, love and thirst for justice. Global passport in hand and welcome aboard!

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