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Rhythmmm: Where Architecture Meets Art

Welcome to Rhythmmm, a brand that fuses architecture and art to create unforgettable experiences. Located near the heart of New York City, we embody innovation and aesthetic beauty.

Our creations are more than just designs; they are emotional journeys blending architectural precision with artistic flair. Our founder's passion for the arts, including piano and ballet, inspires our unique style.

Join us at the Saphira & Ventura Gallery for an exciting Exhibition, showcasing a selection of our finest works. This event is a chance to explore the seamless blend of form and creativity that defines Rhythmmm.

We are excited to share our vision with the vibrant New York art community and look forward to connecting with art enthusiasts and potential buyers during this prestigious event.

Experience the unique harmony of Rhythmmm, where every piece is a step into a world of elegant design and artistic expression.

 Gallery Space

Saphira & Ventura is a global talent management network focused on art, design and architecture as well as alternative forms of expression such as NFTs – working with artists and cultural creators from various countries.

We are established in New York City, specializing in modern, contemporary art, design, architecture and metaverse. Promoting and exhibiting cutting-edge artists, designers and architects in a contemporary and alternative setting.


Address4 W 43rd St New York, NY 10036


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Apply Exhibition

Artists and scholars, seize the opportunity to be part of our dynamic exhibition hosted and conceptually designed by Rhythmmm, in collaboration with Saphria & Venture Gallery, City University of New York, the Argentina Consulate, and more. This NYC event celebrates art, architecture, and music. Apply now and share your passion with the world!

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