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    What do you have in mind?
    In there, behind those restless crystals.
    What material is your thought made of?
    The one that controls your impulses, acts and movements.
    Neurons, neurotransmitters, cartilage and brains,
    fruits of multiple combinations,
    some great beings are born
    and some other spawns.
    Are we made of ideas or molecules?
    Inside, we swim in bloodstreams of inconsistencies.
    Who speaks when silence appears?
    One voice, many voices, or even conscience.
    Veines, they all live inside.
    Wise, crazy, racist and academic.
    Perverse and sincere.
    Smart and stupid.
    They all have something in common inside.
    Inside, adentro, innerhalb,
    in the language that you think.
    Inside will always be inside,
    there deep where the truth hurts and also knows how to comfort the honest soul.
    Inside we live inside.
    In times of pandemics and wars.
    In times of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
    What we call the world is nothing more than the reflection of what we carry inside.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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